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The USAF GeoBase Forum is a quarterly newsletter intended to keep military, civil service and commercial partners informed on issues of mutual interest regarding the USAF GeoBase Initiative.

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The USAF GeoBase Advances
The USAF GeoBase Initiative originated in the fall of 1998 when representatives from the Communications and Information community met with Civil Engineer agencies to explore how the two functional missions could better share geospatial information resources. For the past 14 months, the Institute for Information Technology Applications (IITA) has served as the lead office to bring the GeoBase from a concept to operational integration. more...
GeoBase Planning Seminar Impacts
The 7-9 Mar 00 GeoBase Planning Seminar concluded the three initial offerings of the GeoBase Seminar Series sponsored by IITA. Entitled "Planning the GeoBase: From Strategy to Implementation", the three two-and-a-half day seminars offered in Jan, Feb and Mar 00 at the USAF Academy were designed to offer a focused, low-cost educational opportunity for both government and commercial representatives to gain insight into the planning processes and tools which serve as a sound basis for long-term GeoBase investment. more...
GeoBase Partnering in Japan
The Joint Service GIS Partnership was originally established in 1998 to advance the cooperative effort between the US Forces on Okinawa who were seeking to develop and sustain the use of GIS as an installation management tool. This multi-service effort was sponsored by the respective facilities and civil engineers from the USAF, USMC, USA, and USN located on the island. Their cooperation in all facets of GIS development from combined training and education courses to consolidated aerial mapping contracts have literally saved the US government millions of dollars. more...
Spotlighting GeoBase Synergy:
The C4ISR Infrastructure Planning System
The greatest potential value from the GeoBase lies in programs beyond the traditional Civil Engineer domain leveraging the core GeoBase information infrastructure for their particular mission. Beginning with this quarterly edition of the GeoBase Forum, a different program will be spotlighted in each newsletter to help raise awareness across the GeoBase community for the wider mission benefits to sharing geospatial information. more...
Moving Towards AF GeoBase Policy
Air Force Mission Directive 19 states that the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE) will serve as the "functional experts for the Air Force Civil Engineer in the areas of CADD and GIS". In support of this directive, AFCEE sponsored last year's Aug 99 GeoBase Policy Workshop to help in gaining Air Force customer input for de facto policy tenets in the near term. The Aug 00 workshop yielded the twelve GeoBase Foundations which can be found at These foundations have served to influence not only several MAJCOM GeoBase efforts over the ensuing six months, but also US Marine Corps and Naval Facilities Engineering Command directives as well. more...
GeoBase Community Network
This list is intended to provide you with names of individuals that may be able to address questions regarding GeoBase activities within specific organizations.
GeoBase Happenings in the USAF
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USAF GeoBase Forum Inputs

The success of the USAF GeoBase relies on people like you sharing your geospatial information resource management ideas and insights. Let's together defeat the "Not Invented Here" syndrome and benefit from our collective experiences. Please consider sending your thoughts and recommendations to the GeoBase Forum at IITA care of

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