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The USAF GeoBase Forum is a monthly newsletter intended to keep military, civil service and commercial partners informed on issues of mutual interest regarding the USAF GeoBase Initiative.

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The GeoBase Foundations
The USAF has been frustrated in its ability to make the most effective use of geospatial IT on a corporate scale since there is no identified Air Staff element responsible for guiding corporate investment. While this issue is being addressed and in lieu of formal policy, one of the key aims of the Aug 99 USAF GeoBase Policy Workshop was to reach a tentative consensus on key principles to guide interim investment. more...
GeoBase and the GCSS-AF
One of the principal lessons learned from Desert Storm was the need for the commander to have an integrated view of the battlespace readily available throughout all phases of combat, from mobilization through redeployment. In response, the Defense Planning Guidance for FY 1999 - 2003 formalized the C4I for the Warrior (C4IFTW) concept by initiating Joint Vision 2010 (JV2010). JV2010 enunciated the need for embracing information superiority and technological advances to transform traditional warfighting and lead U.S. forces to increased jointness and military effectiveness. more...
GeoBase and the ACES
The Civil Engineer Automation Steering Group (CE ASG) convened at Tyndall AFB 1-2 Nov 99. The ASG is comprised of senior Civil Engineers from the MAJCOMs, the Air Reserve Component, the USAF Academy, AFCEE, and AFCESA with AF/ILE-2 serving as Chair. Among their responsibilities, the CE ASG has served as a steering group for ACES. more...
The 1999 USAF GI&S Conference
The 1999 USAF Geospatial Information and Services (GI&S) Conference was held 19-21 Oct 99 in Falls Church, VA with the HQ 497th Intelligence Group, Directorate of Applications Operations (INO) serving as host. Brig Gen Shaffer, AF/XOI, set the stage by renewing USAF-level emphasis on GI&S and tangible, focused efforts to rebuild the USAF GI&S capability. more...
NAVFAC Geospatial Policy
Headquarters, Naval Facilities Engineering Command recently held their CADD/GIS Policy Workshop 26-28 Oct 99 at the Washington Navy Yard. more...
GeoBase Seminar Series Scheduled
The GeoBase Seminar Series (GSS) was recently organized by the Institute for IT Applications to serve as a quality educational forum where a variety of requirements associated with the GeoBase vision could be addressed. more...
GeoBase Community Network
This list is intended to provide you with names of individuals that may be able to address questions regarding GeoBase activities within specific organizations.
GeoBase Happenings in the USAF
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