1. What is IITA?

  2. What is the USAF GeoBase Initiative?

  3. What is the stated vision for the USAF GeoBase?

  4. What is the near-term future for the USAF GeoBase Initiative?

  5. Who is the IITA POC for the USAF GeoBase Initiative?

  6. Could you give me more specifics about the scientific origins of the USAF GeoBase Initiative?

  7. Who is the functional advocate driving the USAF GeoBase Initiative?

  8. How did the partnership evolve between the SC and CE communities?

  9. Is GeoBase a technical system in the literal sense?

  10. What technical systems are already in use across USAF installations?

  11. What makes the GeoBase effort different from the many previous CADD/GIS "initiatives"?

  12. Have there been any USAF GeoBase meetings or conferences?

  13. What are the USAF GeoBase Foundations?

  14. Has the USAF GeoBase Initiative generated any interest/support across the Air Force since its inception?

  15. Is there any interest in the USAF GeoBase from any other DOD sectors?

  16. Are there any future USAF GeoBase meetings scheduled?

  17. How does the USAF GeoBase Initiative relate to the Civil Engineer's Automated Civil Engineer System (ACES) managed by the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA)?

  18. What is the relationship between the USAF GeoBase Initiative and the CADD/GIS Technology Center located at Waterways Experiment Station?

  19. What opportunities are envisioned for the commercial sector to actively participate in GeoBase?

  20. What commercial companies have sought to become involved with the USAF GeoBase Initiative?

  21. Our organization is already pursuing a CADD/GIS solution. How can I ensure our direction is aligned with wherever the USAF GeoBase Initiative may lead in the near future?

  22. Are there any critical concerns or "show stopping" issues I should be aware of as my organization proceeds with our CADD/GIS technical solution?

  23. Where can I go to stay informed about the USAF GeoBase Initiative?

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