Has the USAF GeoBase Initiative generated any interest/support across the Air Force since its inception?

In fact, there has been so much interest for the USAF GeoBase Initiative that IITA has been overwhelmed in satisfying all of the information requests. From the Air Staff, strong informal teaming efforts have been underway for the past year with representatives from the AF/SC (Air Force Communications and Information Center), AF/XOI (the 497th Intelligence Group), AF/XONP (Non-Proliferation Office), and AF/ILE (Civil Engineer). Field Operating Agencies to include the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE), the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA), and the Air Force Communications Agency have been prominently involved as well as the Enterprise Infrastructure Planning Division of the 38th Engineering and Installation Wing. However, the greatest support to date for the USAF GeoBase Initiative has come from the MAJCOMs and unit level organizations. From the MAJCOM ranks, information briefings have been presented to representatives from all of the MAJCOMs except for the Air Force Special Operations Command. The PACAF and AFSPC commanders have both lent their strong support for the USAF GeoBase agenda as the new path for corporate geospatial knowledge management within their cultures. The PACAF/CE provided initial seed funding to IITA to secure nominal contractor services for developing prototype wing-level GeoBase strategic planning processes, web-based information resources, and general technical support. At several USAF wings, the IITA GeoBase POC has been able to share 'lessons learned' and help local units to shape their efforts to reflect a more corporate GeoBase approach. Air Force sites that have benefited from these on-site GeoBase consults' with wing commanders and their staffs have included Vandenberg AFB (AFSPC), Kadena AB (PACAF), and RAF Mildenhall (USAFE).

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