Topic: Web Site Update
Date: 03/11/02

Recently, Langley AFB assembled a Position Description (PD) for an installation level "GeoBase Program Manager". MAJCOMs/installations interested in using this PD to guide similar Civil Service positions should contact their Personnel Manager/Classification Specialist. Personnel Managers with access to the Air Force Position Description Library can locate the Langley PD by referencing Core Personnel Document (CPD) #59885. The Langley AFB "GeoBase Program Manager" PD was categorized under the 301 Series.

CORE PD for 0301, GeoBase Program Manager, GS-0301-11
CORE Position Description for a GS-11, Base-level GIS manager.
Filetype: .DOC | Filesize: 40.00k | Date: May 16, 02

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